reiter und pferd


Welcome to Toten Nazis.  I hope that this community will be able to work as a bridge for people who have past life memories from the Third Reich to discuss pertinent topics.

Before you post, please make sure you read through the rules.  I dont anticipate there being any problems, but if there are, I will work on the assumption that you have read and can understand the forum guidelines.  If there are any questions, please either respond to this post or pm

You are allowed to post as little or as much as you would like.  However, I would like for everyone to post at least a short intro so we can know who you are.  I know intros suck, and can be a complete pain in the butt, so we have put together a quick questionnaire to help you with introductions.  These questions are only guidelines.  Please feel free to answer as much or as little as you are comfortable with. 

1) Do you know your pl name? where you were born in your pl?
2) When were you born and how and when did you die?
3) Do you know your pl job?
4) When did you start suspecting of a pl and why?
5) Why do you think you reborn in the place you did?
6) Have you spent any time on other reincarnation groups/forums?