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toten_nazis's Journal

Die Toten Nazis
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This is a community for people who have past life memories of living in or being associated with Germany during the Third Reich.

This community is in no way related to - nor will tolerate - racial hatred, genocide, anti-Semitism, or any political ideology relating to the former. It is simply a place for people who have past life memories of living during the Third Reich to talk in a safe, nonpolitical environment.

The moderators of this community strictly monitor registration requests. Any posts pertaining to anti-Semitism, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing, and the like (unless they are obviously sarcastic or humorous are of a research nature) will be deleted, and the posting user will be banned.

Rules of the community.
1. Don’t be an idiot.
2. I am too pretty to be your Mutter, and far too much of an asshole to be your Grossmutter. Be an adult. Don’t act like a child.
3. No politicking between factions. Anyone who has spent more than two seconds in the WWII reincarnation community knows there’s a lot of politicking going on out there. It will not be tolerated here. Leave your petty political problems at the door. If this is too hard of a task for you, please read rule # 2
4. Respect Each Other. This is a place for different people to get together and discuss topics that have the potential to become very volatile. And while you may want to tell the person you are debating with to take their idea and shove it up where the sun don’t shine, don’t. You are not expected to like everyone. You are expected to act like an adult (See rule # 2) and treat them with respect.
5. What is said on here stays here. Yes, I know to trolls, there is no such thing as ‘privacy’ on the internet. Well, that may be true, but there are some sensitive topics that may be discussed. It is as simple as this- If any of the moderators find that you are taking what was written here and posting it elsewhere in order to cause problems, you will be banned.
6. No trolling. Yes, trolling can be a fun and engaging sport. Don’t do it here.
7. No Racist, Neo Nazi, Anti-Semetic talk, turns of phrase or slang will be tolerated. This goes double so for Holocaust Denial. I understand that because of the nature of this site, there will be people who join who have... alternate political views. This their choice, but it will not be allowed here. To reiterate, I really don't give a damn if you constantly fantasize about having orb sex with Himmler's ghost while listening to Skrewdriver and whacking off like a retarded monkey on speed. That would be your prerogative. But it has no place here, and if you insist on posting such things after being given adequate warning, you will be booted.Capiche?

If you are still interested in joining, please click on the join community icon and then send a message to hoplite_480 stating why you would like to join and outlining any questions you may have.

Also, once you have joined, if you would like to introduce yourselves to the rest of the group, you can use the quiz template here as a good starting point (because intros are a pain). This is, naturally, completely optional and non compulsory, but it can help us to get to know you better.